Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

  • Investment / development of efficient and sustainable buildings
  • ESG factors are part of the asset management
  • Implementation of energy-efficient renovation and modern technology, if possible and economically justifiable
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions, i.a. through environmentally friendly travel and video conferencing
  • Reduction of energy consumption through tenant education and awareness raising
  • Compliance with all occupational safety laws
  • Social investments in the target areas (e.g. non-profit subsidiary Socialraum)
  • Strengthening of diversity
  • Employee engagement through development opportunities
  • Inclusion of social challenges in the asset management
  • Cooperation with tenants for continuous improvement
  • “Tenant app” for strengthening of customer loyalty and efficiency in communication with the tenants
  • Compliance with standards, transparency and participation rights of investors
  • Corporate governance is our duty towards all our interest groups (employees, customers, investors, business partners)
  • Risk and compliance systems are firmly anchored in all our business areas
  • Remuneration systems provide long-term incentives to generate enduring benefits for our investors

Note: Sustainability is meant as an abstract term. For more details, please refer to our documentation.