Nox Capital Group reported strong business performance in 2020

Extension of the capital market activities in 2021


BERLIN, 08.03.2021: Nox Capital Group, one of the largest owner-managed real estate investment companies in Germany, looks back on a successful fiscal year 2020.

Last year, the Berlin-based company was able to realize 52 acquisitions of residential and commercial properties in Germany with a total transaction volume of more than EUR 84 million. In addition, 42 properties were sold in Germany with a total transaction volume of more than EUR 90 million.

Furthermore, the Nox Capital Group expanded its range of services in 2020 to include an important sub-segment: institutional fund management. Thus, the company has initiated the first real estate funds NOX CORE RE FUND and UP2 NOX GERMAN RE FUND. The funds are aimed at institutional and semi-professional investors and pursue a conservative investment strategy that ensures the preservation of the value of the capital invested, even in times of crisis. Fund activities focus primarily on existing residential properties in large and medium-sized German cities as well as in selected dynamic markets.

The NOX CORE RE FUND was launched on the capital market at the beginning of 2021 after Nox Capital received the license from the Luxembourg CSSF. The fund was initiated together with the Swiss financial specialist Finomics AG. – The real estate fund UP2 NOX GERMAN RE FUND, which Nox Capital also advises, has received the license from BaFin and will be launched during 2021. This fund will be initiated together with the alternative investment specialist UP2INVEST GmbH.

In 2021, Nox Capital will significantly increase and scale its capital markets engagement based on an excellent market access, an attractive deal pipeline and a strong track record. The residential real estate specialist also plans to grow further in the area of asset management and its own portfolio.

In this context, it is important to the real estate experts that their entrepreneurial activities not only meet expectations in terms of key financial figures, but also regarding ecological, social and sustainable aspects. Therefore, the funds initiated and advised by Nox Capital Group take into account recognized ESG principles.

Christopher P. Koch is very satisfied with the strong business development in the Corona year 2020: “Nox Capital looks back – despite the challenges of the past year – on consistently positive results and developments. On the one hand these results are due to the high expertise of our teams, on the other hand they are also due to our ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the markets and our stakeholders. For example, we have launched new products such as the NOX CORE RE FUND and the UP2 NOX GERMAN RE FUND, which have been very well received because they are an ideal match for the requirements of the investors.”

The Company

Berlin-based Nox Capital Group is an international residential real estate specialist that also advises the NOX CORE RE FUND and the UP2 NOX GERMAN RE FUND. In addition to institutional fund management, the company covers the entire management chain and offers its clients excellent market access and state-of-the-art portfolio optimization. NOX CAPITAL has already carried out more than 2,000 transactions across all asset classes in Germany, and its own portfolio amounts to more than 1.4 billion euros. More information: